FIKA. A very Swedish thing. It means anything from a quite cup of coffee to a noisy gathering of work mates round coffee and food. But it always means a good cup of Swedish coffee. Aromatic, hot and strong.

In the county of Bohuslän there are many places for fika. I will try to tell you about some of them, close to Fjällbacka and Grebbestad.


Sjögrens i backen, open all year.Sjögrens i backen

Falkeröd on the south side of Grebbestad, open summertime



cafe grön 2

Cafe Grön in Fjällbacka serves the best homebaked cinnamon buns together with a warm smile .

Cafe San Remo, Stora Hotellet, Fjällbacka open June, July, August


Tanum Bakery, open all year.

ICA supermarket in Tanum, has a very nice coffee shop by the entrance. Open all year.

Vitlycke museum with restaurant Ida, good coffee, open May to October.



Trekanten, open all year.

Hjärtblomman Just outside Hamburgsund on the road to Kville is a small tea shop. HjärtblommanOpen Thursday -Friday 11-18, Saturday 11-15. All year.


Hamnmagasinet, open summertime,

Panget, open 22 June to 4 August. 8-17.00

panget bullar panget resö