The old and charming fishing village of Grebbestad has it’s own stories to tell. We tell them!

Come and listen to how a man got covered in mud by a local woman and then hosed down, he ran away! We tell of the hard life at sea and how the village has developed from Viking times until today.

Camilla Läckberg*s books have been filmed and many of the locations are in Grebbestad. Then it is the all important coffee house. Coffee that is the life blood of most Swedes. The local Poet Ebba Lindqvist writes about coffee as a savior.

Come with us for an interesting walk,the tour takes about 1 hour . We start at the beach, behind restaurant Sjöbjörnen, South side of Grebbestad. And finish right in the middle by the coffee house.

Walk on Fridays at  18.00

Booking at least 4 hours before start. Changes and cancellation can occour.

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Call 0046 73 0206278

Price 150 SEK per person. Cash or book and pay online here